Jun 1, 2023

Why is My Landing Page Blank in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

Learn why you are seeing blank landing page in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) reports

Why is My Landing Page Blank in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

If you've been using Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and noticed a blank landing page in your reports, you're not alone. This issue is a known limitation within GA4's predefined Landing Page report. But don't worry, your data hasn't disappeared, it's just a bit of a hiccup in how GA4 displays it in the report.

This blank landing page issue typically arises when your home page URL is configured as your site's domain followed by a "/", like "". In GA4's Landing Page report, this configuration may be displayed as a blank attribute.

blank landing page ga4
Blank landing page in GA4

So, how can you get around this? There are two main options:

Option 1: Use Hostname as a Secondary Dimension

One way to tackle this issue is by adding "Hostname" as a secondary dimension in your Landing Page report. This will provide additional context to the landing page data and can help identify if the blank landing page is indeed your home page. To do this, navigate to your Landing Page report in GA4, click on "Add dimension" and select "Hostname". This will display the domain associated with each landing page, providing a clearer picture of your data.

ga4 hostname
Use hostname as secondary dimension

Option 2: Create a Custom Report Using Landing Page + Query String

Another workaround is to create a custom report where the primary dimension is "Landing page + query string". This can be done using the report Library in GA4, provided you have Editor access privileges. By using "Landing page + query string" as the primary dimension, you'll see the full URL of the landing page, including the "/", which will then show your home page URL instead of a blank attribute. This custom report will give you a more accurate representation of your landing page data.

ga4 landing page + query string
Use Landing page + query string in the explore report

Both of these options should help you get a better handle on how your home page is performing as a landing page, providing you with the necessary insights to optimize your website's user experience and conversion rates.

Also. if you're seeing a (not set) landing page in your reports, despite having a solid tag implementation, I'd recommend checking: Why is my landing page (not set) in GA4?

And, of course, we're all hoping that Google will address this limitation in the future to make the GA4 experience even smoother. Until then, these workarounds should help you navigate the blank landing page issue in GA4.